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But who knows. So much of what I (and anime fans in general it seems) buy is Aniplex, and if anything were done to increase prices across the board on their stuff, I would end up having to cut my seasonal imports by at least 1, maybe 2 full shows (from 4-7 a season), and it would f**k my orders up tremendously to have to suffer HMV or CDJapan's policies and prices.
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This weekend's concerts (Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm) will have a special feature - a side-by-side performance with the F-M Area Senior High Youth Symphony in one of the pieces (Copland's "Outdoor Overture"). The concertmaster of the FM Senior High Youth Symphony is Fargo South senior Patrick Lin. One unusual feature - when most orchestras do side-by-side performances with young players, they typically put the adult players on the "outside" of the music stand (in other words, on the edge of the orchestra closest to the audience). We do it differently - the students are placed on the outside, which is a greater challenge for them, but also the greater honor. And it was a real treat to see Patrick, not Moni, tune up the massive combined orchestra during rehearsal!
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Niklas made this brown bag Valentine carrier at our local library when his sister was at school. I was rather surprised to see that he has the patience to loop the yarn through the paper punch holes all by himself. Maybe we did too many craft projects lately. He kind of lost interest in the pasting decoration part of the craft project. So, I had to force encourage and help him to decorate his Valentine carrier with paper doilies and heart cutouts. When we were finally done with the craft, he was quite proud of it and insisted on wearing the carrier like it was a necklace! Haha! *smile*

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